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the grown n sexy

Scheduled Time: wed 1600 - 1800 on channel 1
DJs: Josephus
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.

About: used to describe people who has reached a point in their lives where playing games and immaturity is behind them and they have grown up and are ready to take on bigger and better things

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01/30/08Josephus01/30/08 17:32:30
02/06/08Josephus02/06/08 17:13:38
02/13/08Lauren Kaufman02/13/08 19:49:18
02/20/08Josephus02/20/08 17:35:43
02/27/08Josephus02/27/08 17:29:24
03/12/08Fred White03/12/08 19:06:27
03/19/08Andrew Gruenberger03/19/08 18:17:14
03/26/08Josephus03/26/08 17:15:33
04/02/08Josephus04/02/08 16:30:26
04/09/08Josephus04/09/08 17:43:30
04/16/08Josephus04/16/08 17:46:30
04/23/08Josephus04/23/08 16:20:57
04/30/08Fred White04/30/08 17:54:01
05/07/08Josephus05/07/08 17:03:59
05/14/08Ebbie05/14/08 16:33:42
05/21/08MITM05/21/08 18:03:18