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Nervous Child Collection

Scheduled Time: mon 2200 - 2300 on channel 2
DJs: Jordan Pinkava
Description: Join me for weekly album reviews and conversations about music
Genre: Any and all genres!

About: I listened to a new album every single day so far this year, so here I'll talk about some of my favorites, some that deserve more recognition, and share my love for music!

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11/01/21Jordan Pinkava11/01/21 22:54:23
11/08/21Jordan Pinkava11/08/21 22:48:12
11/15/21Jordan Pinkava11/15/21 22:21:55
11/22/21Jordan Pinkava11/22/21 22:52:31
11/29/21Jordan Pinkava11/29/21 22:52:52
12/06/21Jordan Pinkava12/06/21 22:50:02
12/13/21Jordan Pinkava12/13/21 22:43:19