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pink diamond

Scheduled Time: tue 2000 - 2100 on channel 1
DJs: Micaela Hanson
Description: i play songs that i love, and they usually encompass a mood of the week.
Genre: indie, alternative, grunge and pop. lots of variety

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08/31/21Micaela Hanson09/06/21 19:18:00
09/14/21Micaela Hanson09/09/21 15:51:27
09/21/21Micaela Hanson09/26/21 12:25:43
09/28/21Micaela Hanson10/05/21 18:35:35
10/05/21Micaela Hanson10/12/21 20:07:34
10/12/21Micaela Hanson10/12/21 20:46:53

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