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Mosaic Souls

Scheduled Time: sat 1300 - 1500 on channel 2
DJs: Zenn Addison
Description: Where Everything in your HEART is ART! A platform that highlights ALL ART FORMS & Encourages OPEN & HONEST conversations. #Letsgetintoit
Genre: Entertainment Podcast

About: Mosaic Souls is a digital platform with a mission to highlight artists in all art forms in the local DMV & New York areas by creating an opportunity for those artists to share how they personally connect their art to who they are. We hope to generate open and honest conversations between art appreciators and artists. We share these conversations through different mediums such as live recorded podcasts, written dialogs, and recorded footage. We also cover and host events. We would like for each interview to highlight what the artists feel is important to talk about, so we encourage that each artist helps create the structure, concepts, questions and playlist for their interview. They are allowed to use their own following to see what their fan base may want to hear as well.
Guests: Dj Shiva, Timi Turnup, SollikeSoul, MomoDaMermaid, Koleco, Zaamwe, MilkHoneyGold, Joe Marshall, The Vibe Room, Ejima Yarn, Daloren, SunflowerMo, LoyaltyThePoet, NishoSoul, RahRahKee, StarrSunflower,

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