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Do You Feel It Yet?

Scheduled Time: mon 1200 - 1300 on channel 1
DJs: Shaliah George
Description: a mood-dependent mix of alternative, r&b, and neo-soul. although i've been known to switch it up frequently.

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01/30/17Shaliah George01/30/17 12:27:13
02/06/17Shaliah George02/06/17 20:51:48
02/13/17Shaliah George02/13/17 12:37:56
02/20/17Shaliah George02/20/17 12:47:35
02/27/17Shaliah George02/27/17 12:43:02
03/06/17Shaliah George03/06/17 14:03:34
03/13/17Shaliah George03/16/17 22:43:13
03/27/17Shaliah George03/28/17 17:04:17
04/03/17Shaliah George04/03/17 12:37:30
04/24/17Shaliah George04/24/17 12:16:40
04/10/17Shaliah George04/24/17 12:23:03
04/17/17Shaliah George04/24/17 12:25:47

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