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Offbeat and Out of Tune

Scheduled Time: sun 2300 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: Shaliah George, Vincent Levin
Description: We're opposites. But we're also best friends. Tune in to find out how we fill an hour with music, stories, advice, and BuzzFeed quizzes.

About: Vincent and I rap battle for 60 whole minutes.

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01/31/16Vincent Levin02/01/16 00:01:20
02/07/16Vincent Levin02/07/16 23:55:53
02/14/16Vincent Levin02/15/16 00:09:53
02/21/16Vincent Levin02/21/16 23:58:11
02/28/16Vincent Levin02/28/16 23:54:38
03/06/16Vincent Levin03/07/16 00:01:06
03/27/16Vincent Levin03/28/16 00:06:13
04/03/16Vincent Levin04/03/16 23:58:50
04/10/16Vincent Levin04/10/16 23:51:37
04/17/16Vincent Levin04/17/16 23:57:58
05/01/16Vincent Levin05/01/16 23:53:29
04/24/16Vincent Levin05/01/16 23:58:59
05/08/16Vincent Levin05/08/16 23:51:55
05/15/16Vincent Levin05/15/16 23:56:53