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Let's Go Swimming

Scheduled Time: sun 1200 - 1500 on channel 1
DJs: Bobby Renz
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: cosmic disco, dusty synth, jurassic house, and other crud

About: subscribe to the show in podcast form with itunes by putting this in your browser: itpc://
Guests: Fatback DJs, anyone else who wanders in.

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09/06/09Bobby Renz09/06/09 14:58:00
09/20/09Bobby Renz09/20/09 14:55:32
09/27/09Bobby Renz09/27/09 14:56:28
10/04/09Bobby Renz10/04/09 14:58:28
10/11/09Bobby Renz10/11/09 14:57:36
10/18/09Bobby Renz10/18/09 14:57:44
10/25/09Allie Tunis10/25/09 14:17:21
11/01/09Bobby Renz11/01/09 14:52:15
11/08/09Bobby Renz11/08/09 14:55:08
11/15/09Bobby Renz11/15/09 14:55:53
11/22/09Bobby Renz11/22/09 14:53:22
12/06/09Bobby Renz12/06/09 14:53:18
12/13/09Bobby Renz12/13/09 14:55:55