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FM Sedatives

Scheduled Time: fri 1000 - 1200 on channel 1
DJs: L. Chang
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: industrial, experimental, psychedelic, goth rock, post-rock, deathrock, anarcho punk, noise rock, neo-folk, post-punk, outdated mainstream alt-rock, synthpop
AIM: sidewalk lick

About: awesome college radio lovely angst ridden music for the failed romanticist in all of us. fall in love with the drone of a guitar, your heart clutched by a modular synthesizer, your woes soothed by the voice of psychotic people.
is this weirding you out? it should.

DJ Testimony on FM Sedatives:

"Lillian Chang's playlist is scary" - Scotty Maxwell of LEAVE THE HALL! True Metal Radio

"her's is the best scary is good" - Sean Gray of DNA in the DNA

"...girls are not supposed to listen to whatever music you listen to
if sean gray likes it
im sure its completely lacking a melody or any sense for that matter"
- Andrew Quang of Beach Violence

"I'm a huge fan of your show and I'm comforted knowing somebody is playing Swans on a Friday morning while I'm in my Spanish class." - Kevin Palamino of El Gaucho de Radio

"THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE" - That stupid cunt rag that hosts (n)Flux

talk to your doctor if FM Sedatives® is right for you.

Archived Playlists

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09/04/09L. Chang09/04/09 11:43:13
09/11/09Kellen Hamill09/11/09 12:06:25
09/18/09L. Chang09/18/09 22:55:54
09/25/09L. Chang09/25/09 11:36:12
10/09/09L. Chang10/09/09 10:47:04
10/16/09L. Chang10/16/09 10:23:37
10/23/09L. Chang10/27/09 11:31:49
10/30/09L. Chang11/06/09 10:08:18
11/06/09L. Chang11/06/09 12:21:35
11/13/09Ankeet Presswala11/13/09 11:57:36
11/20/09L. Chang11/21/09 19:38:48
12/11/09L. Chang12/11/09 10:21:59