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(N) Flux

Scheduled Time: fri 2200 - 2400 on channel 1
DJs: ARKive
Description: Classic west-coast tunes from the 90s and more.
Genre: experimental, noise, psychedelia, free form improv, kraut-prog, no wave, art punk

About: (n)flux is sound anarchy. (n) flux is indeterminate freedom. (n) flux is archetypal and without description. (n) flux is paradox and literalism. **** (n) flux is noise, experimental, collage, psychedelia, kraut & prog rock, no wave, art punk, gnostic ritual, free form improvisation, and emotional abuse.
Guests: Local musicians of similar aesthetic inklings are welcome at (n) flux for live, on-air free form improvisation. The only rule is that rules are oppressive. Contact ARKive at for details.

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06/13/09ARKive06/12/09 13:43:50
06/20/09ARKive06/19/09 18:47:12
06/27/09ARKive06/27/09 00:18:13
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07/11/09ARKive07/11/09 00:54:20
07/17/09ARKive07/17/09 22:34:38
07/24/09Ben Curwin07/25/09 10:57:10
07/31/09ARKive07/31/09 23:37:33
08/07/09ARKive08/07/09 18:18:06
08/21/09ARKive08/21/09 22:10:16
08/28/09ARKive08/28/09 22:07:25