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Samantha Morales

E-Mail: smorale3 [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: 0x8PiNkPuNk8x0
Favorite Quotes: "At times I can be completely intoxicated by the male and at other times I find the male repulsive. One way or the other I am fascinated." - Diane Gamboa
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Terminally Chill
Other Info:
FKA Dr. Sam Sam \r\n

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09/11/14Carpool Jams09/14/14 21:21:58
09/18/14Carpool Jams09/19/14 01:22:55
02/25/15Carpool Jams02/25/15 23:34:04
02/18/15Carpool Jams02/25/15 23:38:13
02/11/15Carpool Jams02/25/15 23:42:52
02/04/15Carpool Jams02/25/15 23:46:33
01/28/15Carpool Jams02/25/15 23:49:13