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Daniel Barnard

E-Mail: dvbarnard12 [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: It (Stephen King), The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck), A Farewell to Arms (Ernest Hemingway), A Song of Ice and Fire series (George R. R. Martin), Angels and Demons (Dan Brown), Harry Potter series (J. K. Rowling), The Lord of the Rings series (J. R. R. Tolkien)
Favorite Bands: Mastodon, Opeth, Nine Inch Nails, Devin Townsend, The Who, Kanye West, Cattle Decapitation, Metallica, Destroyer 666, Danny Brown, Eminem, Pig Destroyer, Altar of Plagues, Slayer, Protest The Hero, Ihsahn, Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Fucked Up, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Meshuggah, The Black Dahlia Murder, Deathspell Omega, Chance The Rapper, Kendrick Lamar
Favorite Quotes: In my mind, metal is not defined by oppressive, negative bullshit. Metal is defined by a creative freedom and a type of power that’s visceral in a way that no other kind of music is. And if what you’re choosing to represent with that power is negativity, positivity, cathartic release, absurdity, whatever — it doesn’t matter. To me, that’s what metal is. To a lot of people, I’m wrong. I’m cool with that. -Devin Townsend
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Choice Cuts
Other Info:
I am a junior. I am a computer science major. I like music, video games, movies, and some other stuff.

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10/20/13Fresh Princes of Bel Air10/22/13 01:10:46
11/03/13Fresh Princes of Bel Air11/03/13 03:30:52
11/10/13Fresh Princes of Bel Air11/11/13 13:35:40
12/08/13Fresh Princes of Bel Air12/09/13 00:19:52
12/01/13Fresh Princes of Bel Air12/03/13 14:08:37
12/15/13Fresh Princes of Bel Air12/17/13 01:17:01
02/01/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air02/04/14 18:42:51
02/08/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air02/11/14 17:52:23
02/15/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air02/17/14 22:10:59
02/22/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air03/25/14 02:35:15
03/01/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air03/03/14 19:31:36
03/08/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air03/08/14 21:39:52
03/15/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air03/23/14 19:10:51
03/29/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air03/29/14 20:49:28
04/05/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air04/19/14 16:24:16
04/12/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air04/19/14 16:37:47
04/19/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air04/26/14 17:09:52
04/26/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air04/26/14 19:54:13
05/03/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air05/10/14 17:02:12
05/10/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air05/10/14 19:58:00
05/17/14Fresh Princes of Bel Air05/17/14 21:04:55
06/06/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air06/06/14 16:23:16
06/20/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air06/20/14 17:06:30
06/27/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air06/27/14 16:19:15
09/05/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air09/05/14 15:47:58
09/12/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air09/12/14 15:52:33
09/19/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air10/08/14 17:29:39
10/10/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air10/10/14 15:39:05
10/17/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air10/17/14 20:23:33
10/24/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air10/29/14 21:04:35
10/31/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air11/01/14 14:38:25
11/14/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air11/17/14 20:53:32
11/21/14Fresh Prince of Bel Air12/02/14 20:44:48
01/27/15A Dan B Joint01/27/15 12:02:14
02/03/15A Dan B Joint02/03/15 11:53:31
02/10/15A Dan B Joint02/10/15 11:48:27
02/24/15A Dan B Joint02/24/15 12:04:38
03/03/15A Dan B Joint03/08/15 17:00:48
03/10/15A Dan B Joint03/08/15 22:47:32
03/24/15A Dan B Joint03/31/15 10:54:17
03/31/15A Dan B Joint04/04/15 14:43:07
04/07/15A Dan B Joint04/21/15 10:44:50
04/21/15A Dan B Joint04/21/15 11:50:45
04/28/15A Dan B Joint04/28/15 12:15:11
09/04/15teen heartthrobS09/11/15 10:26:12
09/11/15teen heartthrobS09/11/15 14:53:39
09/18/15teen heartthrobS09/18/15 14:59:01
09/25/15teen heartthrobS09/28/15 16:21:45
10/02/15teen heartthrobS10/02/15 17:02:20
10/09/15teen heartthrobS10/11/15 13:48:32
10/16/15teen heartthrobS10/23/15 13:07:19
10/23/15teen heartthrobS10/30/15 12:02:07
10/30/15teen heartthrobS11/13/15 11:59:00
11/06/15teen heartthrobS11/13/15 12:06:37
11/13/15teen heartthrobS11/17/15 12:51:54
11/20/15teen heartthrobS11/26/15 23:42:23
12/04/15teen heartthrobS12/04/15 14:58:50
01/28/16Teen Heartthrob01/28/16 18:51:55
01/28/16Unscheduled Show01/28/16 18:26:15
02/04/16Teen Heartthrob02/04/16 19:41:59
02/11/16Teen Heartthrob02/11/16 18:54:11
02/18/16Teen Heartthrob02/19/16 02:08:08
03/03/16Teen Heartthrob03/08/16 13:00:53
03/31/16Teen Heartthrob04/05/16 11:41:07
04/07/16Teen Heartthrob04/19/16 14:03:19
04/21/16Teen Heartthrob04/21/16 19:01:02