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Kyle Orlando

E-Mail: korlando [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, the parts of LOTR that I've actually read...
Favorite Bands: In Flames, At the Gates, Dissection, Sacramentum, The Black Dahlia Murder, Garden of Shadows, Dismember, Children of Bodom, Carcass
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Can't Maintain
Other Info:
I\'m Kyle, and I try to do computer engineering. Oh, and I\'m also pursuing a degree in math. I listen to too much metal. I try to go to the gym as well as run a few miles. I\'m also president of the Metal Club. Also, apparently apostrophes don\'t work properly on this website. See: random backslashes

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09/14/13Head Hunters09/21/13 20:32:39
09/21/13Head Hunters09/21/13 20:30:39
10/19/13Head Hunters10/19/13 19:59:21
01/29/14Under a Serpent Sun01/29/14 21:49:24
02/05/14Under a Serpent Sun02/05/14 21:47:31
02/12/14Under a Serpent Sun02/12/14 21:56:42
02/19/14Under a Serpent Sun02/19/14 21:32:13
02/22/14Head Hunters02/22/14 01:43:37
02/26/14Under a Serpent Sun02/26/14 21:57:06
03/08/14Head Hunters03/08/14 01:58:21
03/05/14Under a Serpent Sun03/08/14 01:55:55
02/08/14Head Hunters03/08/14 14:01:11
03/15/14Head Hunters03/15/14 01:55:55
04/16/14Under a Serpent Sun04/18/14 11:08:11
04/09/14Under a Serpent Sun04/18/14 11:21:25
04/30/14Under a Serpent Sun05/02/14 11:21:45
05/07/14Under a Serpent Sun05/08/14 14:31:18
09/03/14Choice Cuts09/03/14 01:14:05
09/10/14Choice Cuts09/14/14 00:20:13
09/03/14Head Hunters09/14/14 00:34:07
09/10/14Head Hunters09/14/14 00:19:34
09/17/14Head Hunters09/18/14 23:26:31
09/17/14Choice Cuts09/18/14 23:22:15
10/01/14Choice Cuts10/01/14 20:33:29
10/01/14Head Hunters10/01/14 21:53:32
10/08/14Choice Cuts10/07/14 14:26:49
10/08/14Head Hunters10/09/14 12:49:56
09/24/14Choice Cuts10/19/14 15:34:27
10/15/14Head Hunters10/19/14 15:42:41
10/22/14Choice Cuts10/22/14 02:03:14
10/26/14The Kush Lounge10/26/14 01:58:42
10/29/14Choice Cuts10/28/14 21:31:59
02/09/15Head Hunters02/09/15 01:29:51
02/16/15Head Hunters02/15/15 18:50:48
03/02/15Head Hunters03/02/15 00:54:35
03/23/15Head Hunters03/23/15 01:55:25
04/06/15Head Hunters04/05/15 00:00:31
04/13/15Head Hunters04/12/15 11:42:13
06/03/15UMD Metal Club07/15/15 22:45:21
06/10/15UMD Metal Club07/15/15 22:47:12
07/15/15UMD Metal Club07/15/15 23:16:21
10/22/15UMD Metal Club10/25/15 21:34:22
10/15/15UMD Metal Club10/25/15 21:31:31
09/10/15UMD Metal Club09/27/15 16:30:09
09/03/15UMD Metal Club09/27/15 15:59:10
09/17/15UMD Metal Club09/27/15 16:32:00
09/24/15UMD Metal Club09/28/15 00:05:27
10/01/15UMD Metal Club10/05/15 23:05:45
10/08/15UMD Metal Club10/08/15 23:55:22
10/29/15UMD Metal Club11/01/15 14:17:58