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James Koehler

E-Mail: koja [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Bands: Classical: Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, JS Bach, Antonin Dvorak, Bedrich Smetana, all post-impressionist composers. Jazz: Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Jo Stafford, George Benson, Spyro Gyra, Lionel Hampton, Cal Tjader, George Shearing, Vince Guaraldi. Latin: Sergio Mendes, Zimbo Trio, Tamba Trio, Quarteto Em Cy, all the Gilbertos, Luiz Bonfa, Marcos Valle, Santana. Rock/progressive: The Strokes, Ivy, Grand National, System of a Down, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, 311, Sublime ... I can't think of any more... Hip Hop: J Dilla, 9th Wonder, People Under The Stairs, Gang Starr, Strange Fruit Project, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Common, Talib Kwali, Freddie Joachim, Eric Lau, Pete Rock, Nicolay. Other: Kaskade, Washed Out, Royksopp, Quincy Jones, The Singers Unlimited, Xmas Music (LOL).
Favorite Quotes: "How YOU doin." - Rasputia Lattermore (Norbit) "Open yo mouth." - Rasputia Lattermore (Norbit) "Aint got no damn chiild." - Rasputia Lattermore (Norbit) (silence) - everything when nothing's happening (silence) - outer space
Favorite Other WMUC Show: This, Which Makes Me Sing
Other Info:
Prepare to feast on ear-gasmic tunes.

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10/28/12The Hip-Hop Corner10/29/12 00:02:50
10/30/12Sensual Vibes 10/31/12 01:14:23
11/20/12Sensual Vibes 11/20/12 23:51:10
11/27/12Sensual Vibes 11/27/12 22:21:07
12/04/12Sensual Vibes 12/07/12 02:17:02
05/28/13Sensual Vibes 105/31/13 17:19:22
06/04/13Sensual Vibes 106/04/13 20:08:19
06/07/13Sensual Vibes 306/07/13 14:03:34
10/17/13Sensual Vibes 10/17/13 19:47:19
10/31/13Sensual Vibes 10/31/13 19:41:29
11/14/13Sensual Vibes 11/14/13 19:54:09
11/21/13Sensual Vibes 11/21/13 19:51:47
12/05/13Sensual Vibes 12/05/13 20:38:52
12/09/13Radio Eyes12/09/13 22:52:40
12/12/13Sensual Vibes 12/12/13 19:53:33
12/19/13Sensual Vibes 12/19/13 20:04:50
01/23/14Sensual Vibes 10/23/14 13:54:07
01/30/14Sensual Vibes 02/05/14 02:48:55
02/06/14Nightmusic02/06/14 00:36:15
02/13/14Sensual Vibes 02/13/14 13:54:01
02/27/14Sensual Vibes 02/27/14 14:43:47
03/13/14Sensual Vibes 03/13/14 14:25:17
03/27/14Sensual Vibes 03/27/14 14:54:53
04/03/14Sensual Vibes 04/03/14 14:55:34
04/10/14Sensual Vibes 04/10/14 14:52:26
04/24/14Sensual Vibes 04/24/14 13:59:37
05/01/14Sensual Vibes 05/01/14 14:53:42
05/08/14Sensual Vibes 05/08/14 13:53:06
07/23/14Caffeine Alternative07/23/14 16:17:16
10/13/14Brett Smokes Mids10/13/14 23:55:58