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Brandon Dutrow

E-Mail: IceIceBaby1042 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: New York Triology
Favorite Bands: Katatonia, God Is An Astronaut, Kaki King, Agrypnie, Porcupine Tree, Shining, Opeth
Favorite Other WMUC Show: show #1845
Other Info:
I love music and especially atmospheric and melancholic music. Anything that will pull the heartstrings.

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03/08/12City of Melancholia03/08/12 19:29:45
03/15/12City of Melancholia03/15/12 18:58:59
03/29/12City of Melancholia04/01/12 15:00:26
04/05/12City of Melancholia04/05/12 19:00:24
04/12/12City of Melancholia04/12/12 19:01:06
04/19/12City of Melancholia04/19/12 19:02:49
05/03/12City of Melancholia05/03/12 20:37:06
09/06/12City of Dreamers09/06/12 22:08:54
09/13/12City of Dreamers09/13/12 20:59:58
09/20/12City of Dreamers10/04/12 22:45:42
09/27/12City of Dreamers10/04/12 22:51:51
10/04/12City of Dreamers10/04/12 22:58:51