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Emily Olsen

E-Mail: eolsen [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: llupluskll
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Anarchy in CP
Other Info:
Reading, cooking, eating, 420, music, video games.

everything else is boring.


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02/25/10Fear the Wang02/25/10 17:54:42
03/04/10Fear the Wang03/04/10 17:59:30
03/11/10Fear the Wang03/11/10 17:02:12
04/01/10Fear the Wang04/01/10 19:21:56
04/08/10Fear the Wang04/08/10 17:58:39
04/22/10Fear the Wang04/22/10 17:52:57
08/31/10Megaton Records08/31/10 15:09:13
09/07/10Megaton Records09/07/10 14:56:33
09/14/10Megaton Records09/14/10 17:53:46
10/19/10Megaton Records10/19/10 14:14:31
02/05/12The Hip-Hop Corner02/05/12 23:17:38
02/22/12This, Which Makes Me Sing02/22/12 20:57:21
02/27/12Tuzson's House02/27/12 18:13:52
03/13/12Losing Time on the Dancefloor03/13/12 21:10:41
05/15/12Losing Time on the Dancefloor05/16/12 15:18:23
05/17/12The Hot Dish05/17/12 20:49:21