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Tafisha Edwards

E-Mail: thasugarshack [at] yahoo [dot] com
AIM: ThaSugarShack
Favorite Books: The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, The Maverick Room by Thomas Sayer Ellis, and He's Just Not That Into You.
Favorite Bands: Well of course, Reaction Band first and foremost. New Impressions and TCB run a close second. Love the Strokes, The White Stripes, Paramore, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Favorite Quotes: Don't Sass Me for Doing It!
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Entirely Smooth
Other Info:
Tafisha is a woman of many names, but most people call her Taffy because that\'s what most people end up calling her anyway. She is a sophomore broadcast major, and also a member of that elite community known as Writer\'s House (Dorchies!). She enjoys good food, conversation, and shameless self promotion because she is a Sagittarius, and that\'s that. She has been called many things, but she considers \"anti-large\" the funniest and most accurate.

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06/14/09Sugar Shack Radio 06/14/09 23:24:25
06/21/09Sugar Shack Radio 06/21/09 23:57:02
06/28/09Sugar Shack Radio 06/28/09 23:38:25
07/05/09Sugar Shack Radio 07/06/09 00:02:54
07/12/09Sugar Shack Radio 07/12/09 23:58:36
07/19/09Sugar Shack Radio 07/19/09 22:40:23
07/26/09Sugar Shack Radio 07/26/09 23:57:36
08/02/09Sugar Shack Radio 08/02/09 23:58:17
08/09/09Sugar Shack Radio 08/09/09 23:56:21
08/16/09Sugar Shack Radio 08/16/09 23:59:58
08/23/09Sugar Shack Radio 08/23/09 23:57:06
08/30/09Sugar Shack Radio 08/30/09 23:58:50
09/06/09Sugar Shack Radio09/07/09 00:52:40
09/13/09Sugar Shack Radio09/13/09 23:53:59
09/20/09Sugar Shack Radio09/20/09 23:59:48
09/27/09Sugar Shack Radio09/27/09 23:59:07
10/04/09Sugar Shack Radio10/05/09 00:01:13
10/11/09Sugar Shack Radio10/12/09 00:02:00
10/18/09Sugar Shack Radio10/18/09 23:57:16
10/25/09Sugar Shack Radio10/25/09 23:51:49
11/08/09Sugar Shack Radio11/08/09 23:58:33
11/15/09Sugar Shack Radio11/15/09 22:19:06
11/22/09Sugar Shack Radio11/22/09 23:58:11
11/29/09Sugar Shack Radio11/29/09 23:42:42
12/06/09Sugar Shack Radio12/06/09 23:37:22
12/13/09Sugar Shack Radio12/13/09 23:57:25
01/31/10Sugar Shack01/31/10 23:55:51
02/14/10Sugar Shack02/15/10 00:18:07
02/21/10Sugar Shack02/22/10 00:16:18
02/28/10Sugar Shack02/28/10 23:44:57
03/07/10Sugar Shack03/07/10 23:57:21
03/14/10Sugar Shack03/14/10 23:38:46
03/28/10Sugar Shack03/28/10 23:58:11
04/04/10Sugar Shack04/04/10 23:59:37
04/11/10Sugar Shack04/11/10 22:44:17
04/18/10Sugar Shack04/18/10 23:43:00
04/25/10Sugar Shack04/25/10 23:58:00
05/02/10Sugar Shack05/02/10 23:58:09
05/09/10Sugar Shack05/09/10 23:51:28
05/23/10Sugar Shack05/23/10 23:37:33
06/06/10Sugar Shack06/06/10 23:26:44
07/18/10Sugar Shack07/18/10 22:37:45
08/01/10Sugar Shack08/01/10 23:28:43
08/08/10Sugar Shack08/08/10 22:19:38
08/15/10Sugar Shack08/15/10 23:04:27
08/30/106 Ft Underground Radio08/30/10 23:46:55
09/06/10Sugar Shack09/06/10 23:59:47
09/13/10Sugar Shack09/13/10 22:08:39
09/20/10Sugar Shack09/21/10 00:01:39
09/27/10Sugar Shack09/27/10 23:20:56
10/11/10Sugar Shack10/11/10 23:53:49
10/18/10Sugar Shack10/19/10 00:00:06
11/01/10Sugar Shack11/04/10 22:23:39
11/15/10Sugar Shack11/15/10 23:37:21
11/22/10Sugar Shack11/22/10 23:39:19
03/14/11Sugar Shack Radio03/14/11 23:57:18
04/25/11Sugar Shack Radio04/25/11 23:44:36
03/28/11Sugar Shack Radio04/25/11 22:15:03
05/02/11Sugar Shack Radio05/02/11 23:55:04
05/09/11Sugar Shack Radio05/09/11 23:44:48
05/16/11Sugar Shack Radio05/16/11 23:25:57