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francesca blume

AIM: vikingvixen22
Favorite Books: Harry Potter!!!1!
Favorite Bands: - Razorlight - The Strokes - The Streets - Lily Allen - The Hives - The Features - Adele - M.I.A. - The Darkness - The Spice Girls - Santogold - Yelle
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Darth Lazer Loves Techno
Other Info:
I keep it real.

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/17/09Foux De Fah Fah02/17/09 13:32:49
02/24/09Foux De Fah Fah02/24/09 13:17:43
03/10/09Foux De Fah Fah03/10/09 13:33:14
03/24/09Foux De Fah Fah03/24/09 13:30:05
04/07/09Foux De Fah Fah04/07/09 13:27:09
04/14/09Foux De Fah Fah04/14/09 13:07:53
04/21/09Foux De Fah Fah04/21/09 13:28:16
05/05/09Foux De Fah Fah05/05/09 12:59:45
05/12/09Foux De Fah Fah05/12/09 12:46:33