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Julia Salevan

E-Mail: jsalevan [at] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: Absalom, Absalom!, The Sound and the Fury, Brideshead Revisited, Tender is the Night, Henry and June
Favorite Bands: Marillion, The Mountain Goats, R.E.M., Stars, The Old Ceremony, The Rosebuds, The Kingsbury Manx, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, The Spring Standards, Yelle, They Might Be Giants, Slowdive, M83, Vienna Teng, MGMT, Ani DiFranco
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Nerd Connection

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
09/29/08Unscheduled Show09/29/08 20:17:05
10/06/08Unscheduled Show10/06/08 22:42:08
01/26/09Photophobia01/26/09 19:56:27
02/16/09Photophobia02/16/09 20:03:27
02/23/09Photophobia02/23/09 23:11:45
03/02/09Photophobia03/02/09 20:11:28
03/23/09Photophobia03/23/09 20:00:15
03/30/09Photophobia03/30/09 20:15:28
04/13/09Photophobia04/13/09 21:56:29
04/20/09Photophobia04/20/09 20:04:29
04/27/09Photophobia04/27/09 20:00:13
05/04/09Photophobia05/04/09 20:03:31
05/18/09Photophobia05/18/09 20:00:48
09/06/09Less is More09/06/09 16:00:35
09/13/09Less is More09/13/09 10:05:29
09/20/09Less is More09/20/09 10:35:36
10/04/09Less is More10/04/09 09:58:36
10/11/09Less is More10/11/09 09:33:06
10/18/09Less is More10/18/09 09:31:53
11/01/09Less is More11/01/09 09:51:26
11/08/09Less is More11/08/09 10:27:12
11/15/09Less is More11/15/09 09:55:37
12/06/09Less is More12/06/09 09:57:53
12/13/09Less is More12/13/09 12:03:22
12/13/09Wake Up in the Country12/13/09 12:05:26