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Christina Kim

E-Mail: effyou04 [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: chuck klosterman
Favorite Bands: okkervil river, guided by voices, built to spill, the new pornographers, the books, the national, belle and sebastian, the rapture, pavement, cut copy, radiohead, liars, the smiths, hot chip, animal collective, beirut, crystal castles, broken social scene, the faint, digitalism, gang of four, HEALTH, interpol, m.i.a., lcd soundsystem, my bloody valentine, the pixies, spoon, the unicorns, wilco, beck, bloc party, daft punk, justice, boys noize, the futureheads, grizzly bear, klaxons, crookers, d.i.m., les petits pilous, surkin, van she, vhs or beta, the tough alliance, holy fuck, broadcast, spank rock, kid sister, midnight juggernauts, etc.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: That Fresh Radio Piece

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/01/06Fuck The New Bin02/01/06 15:40:56
02/22/06Fuck The New Bin02/23/06 17:42:58
02/08/06Fuck The New Bin02/08/06 15:54:50
02/15/06Fuck The New Bin02/23/06 17:44:09
02/19/06Third Rail Radio02/19/06 22:08:44
02/26/06Third Rail Radio02/26/06 21:04:18
03/01/06Fuck The New Bin03/01/06 15:54:23
03/05/06Third Rail Radio03/05/06 21:05:15
03/08/06Fuck The New Bin03/08/06 15:55:19
03/12/06Third Rail Radio03/12/06 20:54:25
03/15/06Fuck The New Bin03/15/06 15:51:24
03/19/06Third Rail Radio03/19/06 20:13:14
03/29/06Fuck The New Bin03/30/06 00:05:21
04/05/06Fuck The New Bin04/25/06 11:57:53
04/10/06FUSION CONFUSION goes PRIMETIME04/10/06 21:54:26
04/12/06Fuck The New Bin04/12/06 15:50:22
04/19/06Fuck The New Bin04/19/06 15:47:00
04/26/06Fuck The New Bin04/26/06 15:45:22
04/30/06Third Rail Radio04/30/06 20:36:24
05/03/06Fuck The New Bin05/03/06 15:52:40
05/10/06Fuck The New Bin05/10/06 15:54:54
05/17/06Fuck The New Bin05/17/06 15:55:21
05/25/06Fuck the New Bin05/25/06 19:53:59
06/01/06Fuck the New Bin06/01/06 19:58:48
06/08/06Fuck the New Bin06/08/06 19:58:02
06/29/06Fuck the New Bin06/29/06 19:48:34
07/06/06Fuck the New Bin07/06/06 20:01:57
08/03/06Fuck the New Bin08/03/06 18:45:45
08/17/06Fuck the New Bin08/17/06 20:05:06
08/24/06Fuck the New Bin08/24/06 19:54:55
08/31/06Smash Your Ipod09/26/06 02:51:38
09/07/06Smash Your Ipod09/07/06 19:54:45
09/14/06Smash Your Ipod09/14/06 19:16:11
09/21/06Smash Your Ipod09/26/06 02:51:52
09/27/06stage two and a half09/27/06 01:56:02
09/28/06Smash Your Ipod09/28/06 19:58:48
10/01/06Third Rail Radio10/01/06 20:32:15
10/05/06Smash Your Ipod10/05/06 19:51:23
10/08/06Third Rail Radio10/08/06 20:25:06
10/12/06Smash Your Ipod10/12/06 19:57:01
10/19/06Smash Your Ipod10/19/06 19:47:10
10/26/06Smash Your Ipod10/26/06 19:59:03
11/02/06Smash Your Ipod11/02/06 20:00:30
11/16/06Smash Your Ipod11/16/06 19:56:56
11/30/06Smash Your Ipod11/30/06 19:55:19
12/07/06Smash Your Ipod12/07/06 19:57:25
12/14/06Smash Your Ipod12/15/06 01:41:51
12/17/06Third Rail Radio12/17/06 20:52:37
12/21/06Smash Your Ipod12/21/06 18:19:09
12/21/06Smash Your Ipod12/21/06 19:57:38
01/04/07Smash Your Ipod01/05/07 01:22:33
01/11/07Smash Your Ipod01/11/07 20:02:54
01/14/07Third Rail Radio01/14/07 19:01:08
01/18/07Smash Your Ipod01/18/07 20:02:10
01/25/07Smash Your Ipod01/25/07 19:54:39
02/01/07Smash Your Ipod02/01/07 19:52:04
02/08/07Smash Your Ipod02/08/07 20:02:02
02/15/07Smash Your Ipod02/15/07 20:01:09
02/22/07Smash Your Ipod02/22/07 19:47:39
03/01/07Smash Your Ipod03/01/07 19:55:22
03/08/07Smash Your Ipod03/08/07 20:01:19
03/15/07Smash Your Ipod03/15/07 19:56:06
03/22/07Smash Your Ipod03/22/07 19:45:34
03/22/07Teen Age Riot vs. Stands For Decibels03/22/07 23:56:45
04/12/07Smash Your Ipod04/12/07 19:55:25
03/29/07Smash Your Ipod03/29/07 19:54:13
04/05/07Smash Your Ipod04/05/07 19:56:22
04/11/07Tin Pan Alley04/11/07 21:55:20
04/27/07Rude Boy Radio!04/27/07 21:58:09
05/03/07Smash Your Ipod05/03/07 19:56:59
05/10/07Smash Your Ipod05/10/07 19:57:56
05/17/07Smash Your Ipod05/17/07 19:59:30
05/24/07Smash Your Ipod05/24/07 20:50:23
05/31/07Smash Your Ipod05/31/07 21:47:37
06/07/07Smash Your Ipod06/07/07 21:53:50
06/13/07Man of the House06/13/07 21:59:59
06/14/07Smash Your Ipod06/14/07 21:54:10
06/21/07Smash Your Ipod06/21/07 21:44:11
06/28/07Smash Your Ipod06/28/07 21:50:17
07/05/07Smash Your Ipod07/05/07 21:58:36
07/12/07Smash Your Ipod07/12/07 21:57:47
07/19/07Smash Your Ipod07/19/07 21:55:45
07/26/07Smash Your Ipod07/26/07 21:53:09
08/09/07Smash Your Ipod08/09/07 22:06:02
08/16/07Smash Your Ipod08/16/07 22:09:06
08/23/07Smash Your Ipod08/23/07 21:33:56
08/30/07Smash Your Ipod08/30/07 22:01:08
09/06/07Smash Your Ipod09/08/07 02:40:43
09/13/07Smash Your Ipod09/13/07 21:53:53
09/20/07Smash Your Ipod09/20/07 22:08:08
09/27/07Smash Your Ipod09/27/07 21:48:27
10/04/07Smash Your Ipod10/04/07 21:56:07
10/11/07Smash Your Ipod10/11/07 21:49:39
10/18/07Smash Your Ipod10/18/07 21:57:24
11/01/07Smash Your Ipod11/01/07 21:58:15
11/08/07Smash Your Ipod11/08/07 21:41:28
11/15/07Smash Your Ipod11/15/07 21:45:15
11/29/07Smash Your Ipod11/29/07 21:44:21
12/13/07Smash Your Ipod12/13/07 21:55:31
01/10/08Smash Your Ipod01/10/08 21:48:14
01/17/08Smash Your Ipod01/17/08 19:57:37
01/17/08Smash Your Ipod01/17/08 21:45:27
01/24/08Smash Your Ipod01/24/08 20:37:07
01/31/08Smash Your Ipod02/01/08 13:05:49
02/07/08Smash Your Ipod02/07/08 21:52:01
02/14/08Smash Your Ipod02/14/08 22:23:29
02/21/08Smash Your Ipod02/21/08 22:11:03
03/06/08Smash Your Ipod03/07/08 04:00:17
03/13/08Smash Your Ipod03/13/08 23:25:05
03/20/08Smash Your Ipod03/20/08 21:37:56
03/27/08Smash Your Ipod03/27/08 21:32:50
04/03/08Smash Your Ipod04/03/08 21:30:03
04/10/08Smash Your Ipod04/10/08 21:48:00
04/17/08Smash Your Ipod04/17/08 21:53:56
04/24/08Smash Your Ipod04/24/08 21:53:51
05/01/08Smash Your Ipod05/01/08 22:03:02
05/08/08Smash Your Ipod05/08/08 21:52:16
05/13/08stands for decibels05/14/08 05:14:40
05/29/08Smash Your Ipod05/29/08 21:51:22
06/05/08Smash Your Ipod06/07/08 16:23:35
06/12/08Smash Your Ipod06/12/08 22:00:19
06/26/08Smash Your Ipod06/26/08 20:11:23
06/26/08Smash Your Ipod06/26/08 21:37:59
07/31/08Smash Your Ipod07/31/08 22:13:38
08/12/08Brainilingus08/12/08 17:57:25
08/21/08Smash Your Ipod08/21/08 22:06:07
09/02/08Smash Your Ipod09/02/08 17:56:37
09/09/08Smash Your Ipod09/09/08 17:56:24
09/16/08Smash Your Ipod09/16/08 17:42:35
09/23/08Smash Your Ipod09/23/08 18:00:22
09/30/08Smash Your Ipod09/30/08 17:51:13
10/07/08Smash Your Ipod10/07/08 17:52:06
10/14/08Smash Your Ipod10/14/08 16:59:12
11/06/08Halogen Starshine11/06/08 18:22:59
11/18/08Smash Your Ipod11/18/08 17:58:34
12/02/08Smash Your Ipod12/02/08 17:59:17
12/09/08Smash Your Ipod12/09/08 17:49:23
01/01/09Smash Your Ipod01/02/09 00:03:32
01/15/09Smash Your Ipod01/15/09 23:53:34
02/18/09Smash Your Ipod02/18/09 01:32:37