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Shovel Shovelist

E-Mail: bsolis [at] gvpt [dot] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: The Gay Science, History of Sexuality, One-Dimensional Man, Totem & Taboo, Brothers K, East of Eden, Anna Karenin, Marx-Engels Reader, My dissertation
Favorite Bands: there are no gods
Favorite Quotes: "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it." "I no longer know whether you…are at all capable of living in a way that would damage the species…’unreasonably’ and ‘badly.’"
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Caffeinated Headphones

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/22/07Fragmentation Station03/14/07 20:54:33
03/01/07Fragmentation Station03/14/07 20:53:35
03/08/07Fragmentation Station03/08/07 04:06:49
03/15/07Fragmentation Station03/15/07 03:55:59
03/22/07Fragmentation Station03/23/07 18:35:58
03/22/07The Strange Bed-Fellows03/22/07 06:04:46
03/22/07Insert Creative Radio Show Name Here03/22/07 07:57:20
03/29/07Fragmentation Station03/29/07 04:01:27
04/05/07Fragmentation Station04/05/07 03:56:29
04/12/07Fragmentation Station04/12/07 04:00:02
04/19/07Fragmentation Station04/19/07 03:56:55
04/26/07Fragmentation Station04/26/07 04:02:30
05/03/07Fragmentation Station05/03/07 03:53:20
05/10/07Fragmentation Station05/10/07 03:45:19
05/10/07The Strange Bed-Fellows05/10/07 04:14:42
05/17/07Fragmentation Station05/17/07 04:23:11
05/17/07The Strange Bed-Fellows05/17/07 06:03:04
10/12/07Tin Pan Alley10/12/07 22:00:01
11/07/07The Audio Welfare Alliance 11/07/07 17:55:54
11/08/07Esoterically Speaking...11/08/07 04:03:04
11/08/07Exile on Vain Street11/08/07 05:58:56
05/17/09Wall of Sound05/19/09 13:45:05
05/22/09I Used to Love H.I.M.05/22/09 18:53:21
05/22/09The Beat Frequency05/28/09 14:58:25
05/28/09Storm the Gates05/28/09 22:44:40
06/05/09The Beat Frequency06/08/09 01:27:22
02/16/10Viking Hurricane Decapatation02/16/10 15:25:07
02/20/10Hallelujah! Halllelujah!02/23/10 01:59:51
02/24/10Blue Alchemy Radio02/24/10 21:05:56
02/27/10The New Indie Canon02/27/10 11:34:51
03/02/10Viking Hurricane Decapatation03/02/10 16:00:08
03/03/10Halogen Starshine03/03/10 17:40:17
03/07/10Wall of Sound03/07/10 20:56:55
04/10/10Let’s Go Swimming04/10/10 13:14:20
04/10/10Unscheduled Show04/10/10 15:00:30
03/11/10Philistine Radio03/11/10 13:12:04
03/12/10Victory Sweater03/12/10 15:39:56
03/14/10Variety Is the Spice of Life03/14/10 15:02:16
03/15/10Daybreak Anomaly03/15/10 04:00:34
03/15/10$a$$ and Cla$$03/15/10 19:52:28
03/15/10DNA in the DNA03/17/10 05:38:57
03/16/102 Real03/17/10 06:08:48
03/16/10Organ Droner03/16/10 16:59:34
03/16/10rudie-patootie03/18/10 20:45:59
03/17/10Classicat03/17/10 08:09:35
03/17/10CUE03/18/10 00:25:14
03/18/10Flashing Lights03/18/10 20:45:02
03/18/10Philistine Radio03/18/10 14:07:28
03/18/10Solar Fever03/18/10 20:54:21
03/19/10Headbanging Ecstacy03/21/10 02:24:50
03/19/10Modern Kicks03/19/10 06:04:06
03/18/10Laurazaural Fixations03/29/10 09:22:04
03/21/10This, Which Makes Me Sing03/21/10 11:58:58
03/26/10Heaven Hill03/26/10 10:18:17
03/27/10Hallelujah! Halllelujah!03/29/10 09:29:21
03/27/10Coastin’ to the Horizon03/27/10 20:13:41
03/28/10This, Which Makes Me Sing03/29/10 09:34:14
03/28/10Variety Is the Spice of Life03/29/10 09:44:45
03/29/10A Stranger on the Moon03/29/10 08:09:50
03/30/10Organ Droner03/30/10 17:47:26
04/01/10Sice Club04/01/10 22:42:22
04/02/10FM Sedatives04/02/10 23:04:37
04/02/10(n)flux04/02/10 23:50:26
04/03/10The New Indie Canon04/03/10 11:37:31
04/03/10Let’s Go Swimming04/03/10 15:21:21