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Nick Candela

E-Mail: nick [dot] candela [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Written on the Body, Animal Farm, Get in the Van, His Bright Light, All Ages
Favorite Bands: Minor Threat, Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, Suicidal Tendencies, DRI, The Ramones, Attitude Adjustment, SOA, Youth of Today, Assuck, The Accused
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Songs to pass the time
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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
02/18/07Misfire Radio02/18/07 18:23:16
02/25/07Misfire Radio02/25/07 05:56:00
03/04/07Misfire Radio03/04/07 08:04:30
03/11/07Misfire Radio03/11/07 05:59:40
03/18/07Misfire Radio03/18/07 06:04:31
03/18/07animosity in the morning03/18/07 08:08:48
03/25/07Misfire Radio03/25/07 05:39:31
04/08/07Misfire Radio04/08/07 06:09:12
04/15/07Misfire Radio04/15/07 05:59:29
04/29/07Misfire Radio04/29/07 05:59:56
08/30/07Misfire Radio08/30/07 23:57:24
09/13/07Misfire Radio09/13/07 23:57:56
09/20/07Misfire Radio09/20/07 23:57:52
10/11/07Misfire Radio10/11/07 23:56:07
10/18/07Misfire Radio10/18/07 23:38:35
10/25/07Unscheduled Show10/25/07 23:42:09
11/01/07Misfire Radio11/01/07 23:57:34
11/08/07Misfire Radio11/08/07 23:49:40
11/15/07Misfire Radio11/15/07 23:11:42
12/06/07Misfire Radio12/07/07 00:00:59
12/13/07Misfire Radio12/13/07 23:57:38
08/21/08TRASH MOUNTAIN08/21/08 01:59:04
12/05/08Fat Beats & Girly Treats12/05/08 01:34:10
05/13/11Metalstep Earthdub05/13/11 23:27:14
03/15/13Toxic Tones03/15/13 21:16:34