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Patrick Polglase

E-Mail: patrickpolglase1 [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: Pat Polglase
Favorite Bands: Black Sabbath, Dio, Rush, Fugazi, The Strokes, The Marías, & Novos Baianos.
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Electric Candle
Other Info:
Hey guys my name is Pat I am currently a sophomore here at UMD! My favorite music is mainly classic/alt rock, punk, and electronic music, but I am always looking to broaden my music taste! My show Red Alert is live on WMUC FM on Fridays at 4PM!

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
03/25/21Red Alert03/25/21 14:35:06
04/01/21Red Alert04/01/21 18:08:20
04/08/21Red Alert04/08/21 17:54:38
09/04/21Red Alert09/09/21 15:50:19
09/11/21Red Alert09/11/21 13:18:10
09/18/21Red Alert09/19/21 22:50:35
10/09/21Red Alert10/09/21 14:29:05
10/16/21Red Alert10/16/21 13:09:33
10/21/21Ekphrasis10/21/21 20:16:29
10/23/21Red Alert10/23/21 13:52:08
10/30/21Red Alert11/06/21 17:10:50
11/10/21Cantrip Conversations11/10/21 22:53:48
11/13/21Red Alert11/13/21 14:52:19
11/20/21Red Alert11/20/21 14:57:29
12/04/21Red Alert12/04/21 14:59:57
12/11/21Red Alert12/11/21 14:49:54