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Kimi no DJ

E-Mail: mitchell [dot] nguyen [dot] hang [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Cookbooks.
Favorite Bands: Casiopea, T-Square, S. Kiyotaka & Omega Tribe, Happy End.
Favorite Quotes: "Where anything can happen... if you try hard enough."
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Animusic
Other Info:
I like Japanese music from the \'70s and \'80s.

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01/29/21Kimi No Station01/29/21 01:09:05
02/12/21Kimi No Station02/12/21 11:11:33
03/05/21Kimi No Station03/05/21 11:05:55

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09/14/20Kimi no Station09/13/20 19:45:03
09/28/20Kimi no Station09/27/20 23:29:12
10/12/20Kimi no Station10/12/20 14:56:44
09/21/20Kimi no Station10/12/20 15:00:35
11/02/20Kimi no Station11/01/20 22:50:38
11/09/20Kimi no Station11/08/20 00:53:54
11/16/20Kimi no Station11/15/20 14:51:19
11/23/20Kimi no Station11/23/20 00:27:11
11/30/20Kimi no Station11/29/20 23:09:00
12/07/20Kimi no Station12/06/20 16:02:27
12/21/20Kimi no Station12/21/20 09:11:18