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Logan Neufeld

E-Mail: loganjeremy96 [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Kafka on the Shore, On the Road
Favorite Bands: Elliott Smith, Wilco, Car Seat Headrest, The Smiths, Bright Eyes, Frankie Cosmos, The Velvet Underground (John Cale-era)
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Aural Sex

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/11/18Soy Division11/21/18 00:46:49
10/18/18Soy Division11/21/18 00:47:16
10/21/18Burning Time 11/21/18 00:48:05
10/25/18Soy Division10/25/18 13:27:08
11/01/18Soy Division11/01/18 13:40:37
11/08/18Soy Division11/08/18 12:34:11
11/15/18Soy Division11/15/18 13:26:48
11/21/18Delightfully Depressing11/21/18 14:30:30
11/29/18Soy Division11/29/18 14:00:10
12/06/18wait, where are you *really* from?12/07/18 00:26:14
01/28/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:43:42
02/04/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:44:01
02/11/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:44:27
02/18/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:44:42
02/25/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:44:54
03/04/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:45:08
03/25/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:45:25
04/01/19Under the Weather04/07/19 23:45:42
04/08/19Under the Weather04/08/19 13:24:50
04/15/19Under the Weather04/15/19 20:46:14
04/22/19Under the Weather04/22/19 15:55:17
04/29/19Under the Weather04/29/19 21:14:12
05/06/19Under the Weather05/06/19 22:31:28
05/13/19Under the Weather05/13/19 13:24:36