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DJ Boss Player

E-Mail: DJBossPlayer [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: DJBossPlayer
Favorite Books: The Bible, A Lesson Before Dying, A Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Jay-Z Decoded, Beloved and many more...
Favorite Bands: Marvin Gaye, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Kanye West, Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, Drake, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Rihanna and many more...
Favorite Quotes: "God please grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference."
Favorite Other WMUC Show: DMV Live Radio
Other Info:
Follow me on all social media @djbossplayer. My favorite experiences in this music biz so far are my internship with WPGC 95.5, DJing with rapper Logic, my DJ partnership with DJ Money of 93.9 WKYS, DJing for Rihanna at one of her events, interviewing Ice Cube right here at WMUC and so many more. Really, the best moments are the funny ones I spent with my team. I love those guys lol. Im thankful to God and humbled by all my blessings. Thank you to WMUC, my team, my friends, fam and all my supporters. Book me for gigs at

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Show DateShow Name Last Modified
07/11/06Unnamed Show 14107/11/06 01:54:17
07/25/06Unnamed Show 14107/25/06 00:37:20
10/03/08Unscheduled Show10/03/08 02:54:11
01/06/09TRIPOD PLATYPUS01/12/09 03:43:29
01/09/09BOSS HOG RADIO01/12/09 03:50:03
01/23/09BOSS HOG RADIO01/23/09 15:57:22
01/15/09All-Boys Sleepover01/23/09 15:22:17
01/29/09BOSS HOG RADIO01/29/09 15:52:47
02/05/09BOSS HOG RADIO02/05/09 16:00:34
02/12/09BOSS HOG RADIO02/12/09 15:51:03
02/19/09BOSS HOG RADIO02/19/09 15:23:42
02/26/09BOSS HOG RADIO02/26/09 15:57:19
03/05/09BOSS HOG RADIO03/05/09 15:57:16
03/12/09BOSS HOG RADIO03/12/09 16:01:33
03/19/09BOSS HOG RADIO03/19/09 15:59:55
03/26/09BOSS HOG RADIO03/26/09 15:46:19
04/09/09BOSS HOG RADIO04/09/09 15:56:04
04/23/09BOSS HOG RADIO04/23/09 16:03:19
04/30/09BOSS HOG RADIO04/30/09 16:10:20
05/12/09Beauty and the Beatbox05/12/09 01:51:38
05/14/09BOSS HOG RADIO05/14/09 15:55:14
05/26/09The Hip-Hop Corner05/26/09 22:51:52
06/02/09The Hip-Hop Corner06/03/09 00:03:32
06/09/09The Hip-Hop Corner06/10/09 00:07:31
06/16/09The Hip-Hop Corner06/17/09 00:04:54
06/23/09The Hip-Hop Corner06/23/09 22:28:24
06/30/09The Hip-Hop Corner06/30/09 22:16:44
07/07/09The Hip-Hop Corner07/08/09 00:02:53
07/14/09The Hip-Hop Corner07/20/09 00:13:53
09/22/09The Hip-Hop Corner09/22/09 23:50:02
09/29/09The Hip-Hop Corner09/30/09 00:02:45
10/13/09The Hip-Hop Corner10/13/09 22:13:20
02/02/10The Hip-Hop Corner02/03/10 17:11:34
01/26/10The Hip-Hop Corner02/03/10 17:08:40
02/23/10The Hip-Hop Corner02/23/10 23:55:20
03/09/10The Hip-Hop Corner03/09/10 23:56:40
03/23/10The Hip-Hop Corner03/23/10 22:18:24
03/30/10The Hip-Hop Corner03/30/10 22:36:16
08/03/10The Hip-Hop Corner08/04/10 00:10:26
06/01/10The Hip-Hop Corner08/04/10 05:41:05
06/08/10The Hip-Hop Corner08/04/10 05:52:25
06/22/10The Hip-Hop Corner08/04/10 06:03:23
08/10/10The Hip-Hop Corner08/11/10 00:11:16
08/17/10The Hip-Hop Corner08/17/10 23:13:17
08/24/10The Hip-Hop Corner08/24/10 22:25:23
09/05/10The Hip-Hop Corner09/05/10 23:24:57
09/19/10The Hip-Hop Corner09/19/10 23:23:41
02/28/11The Mysterious Maux Show02/28/11 13:04:25
10/02/11The Hip-Hop Corner10/05/11 15:59:35
03/04/12The Hip-Hop Corner03/04/12 23:59:41
08/07/17Pop Culture Revolution08/07/17 23:59:27
06/07/22Pop Culture Revolution06/09/22 19:35:59
06/21/22Pop Culture Revolution06/22/22 00:39:00
06/28/22Pop Culture Revolution07/01/22 16:02:15
07/19/22Pop Culture Revolution07/19/22 22:47:17
08/09/22Pop Culture Revolution08/10/22 19:50:24
08/16/22Pop Culture Revolution08/18/22 15:12:26
08/23/22Pop Culture Revolution08/24/22 18:00:40