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Ryan Sherwin

E-Mail: rsherwin [at] umd [dot] edu
AIM: limozeentnt8
Favorite Books: Reading sucks!
Favorite Bands: I don't want to type a list that long...anything I play I like, besides the 80's metal and thrash metal, I am big into anything that's old Rock and Roll.....The Beatles, The Who, The Ramones, The Beach Boys...every now and then I'll throw in a little old school Snoop, Public Enemy, NWA, Wu Tang Clan.....I pretty much like anything with a good beat
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Unnamed Show 86

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06/13/06MostlyMetal06/12/06 20:43:24
06/19/06MostlyMetal06/19/06 23:43:55
06/26/06MostlyMetal06/26/06 19:51:33
07/10/06MostlyMetal07/10/06 23:37:59
07/17/06MostlyMetal07/17/06 22:25:06
07/24/06MostlyMetal07/24/06 23:47:43
07/31/06MostlyMetal07/31/06 22:28:49
08/07/06MostlyMetal08/07/06 21:05:49
08/14/06MostlyMetal08/14/06 21:40:33