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Julia Zhen

E-Mail: jzhen1 [at] terpmail [dot] umd [dot] edu
Favorite Books: Calculus and its applications
Favorite Bands: dr dog, father john misty, beach house, punch brothers
Favorite Quotes: "licking someone's whole face is the most savage thing you can do"-carl freund
Favorite Other WMUC Show: Never Sleep With Waking Lyons
Other Info:
this show is going to be the demise of the friendship of tali and me

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Archived Playlists

Show DateShow Name Last Modified
10/19/15UMD Vape Queens10/19/15 03:07:28
10/26/15UMD Vape Queens10/26/15 03:03:05
11/02/15UMD Vape Queens11/02/15 02:58:20
11/09/15UMD Vape Queens11/09/15 02:55:07
11/16/15UMD Vape Queens11/16/15 02:55:51
11/23/15UMD Vape Queens11/23/15 02:56:17
11/30/15UMD Vape Queens11/30/15 02:59:56
05/05/16cheesecake real late at night05/05/16 17:31:43
05/30/16Cheesecake Real Late at Night 06/13/16 20:07:44
06/06/16Cheesecake Real Late at Night 06/13/16 20:10:22
06/13/16Cheesecake Real Late at Night 06/13/16 20:59:11
09/06/16cheesecake real late at night09/06/16 22:51:12
09/20/16cheesecake real late at night09/20/16 22:57:04
10/11/16cheesecake real late at night10/11/16 23:40:37
10/18/16cheesecake real late at night10/18/16 22:56:43
10/25/16cheesecake real late at night10/25/16 22:17:05
03/06/17cheesecake real late at night03/06/17 18:10:02
11/12/18cheesecake real late at night11/12/18 16:52:43