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Maggie Bartolomeo

E-Mail: maggiebartolomeo [at] gmail [dot] com
Favorite Books: Any book, just please give me a book.
Favorite Bands: -Purity Ring -Kanye West -Kendrick Lamar -Kanye West -Glass Animals -Maggie Bartolomeo -Kanye West
Favorite Quotes: "Please be my friend." - Me
Favorite Other WMUC Show: No Pants
Other Info:
Hello, hello! I am a graduate of the University of Maryland, but Wally Loh will never be rid of me. I love radio with all of my heart and soul and I am so excited to be airing my first radio show with WMUC!!! And all it took was for me to graduate and roll around in my own filth for the whole summer until someone paid attention to me! Wow! I love jalapenos, Kendrick Lamar, and Jane Austen; if you want to look at me in person, you can probably find me rolling around on the McKeldin Mall because I have no social life and just want to be in college forever. If I see you at a party, I will probably compliment you a lot and then apologize for it afterwards. I am working on changing that. I promise.

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