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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
2The Excitement of TandyLongmont Potion CastleVolume 4
3Maharu KReal ReggaeMaze + THC Best
4Shut Up, CindyFor ScienceRevenge for Hire
5Touch ItThe HatedThe Best Pice (sic) of Shit Demo
6Mind EraserNeanderthalFighting Music
7Ol' Hogan's GhostYogurtThe Blood Unbinds the Dragon
8RunawayScreeching WeaselBoogadaboogadaboogada
9G's SongCrassThe Feeding of the 5000
10Poppy CockRudimentary PeniDeath Church
11SistersDeep WoundDeep Wound
12Threshold (To Enter, The Heart Must Break)CatharsisPassion
13Kick Till It BreaksRequiemStorm Heaven
14Thresh Strike on #63Magrudergrind62 Trax of Thrash
15Picabo Who?Free KittenSentimental Education
16Ought to RegretFuck on the BeachPower Violence Forever
17interlude from...IntegrityThose Who Fear Tomorrow
18Magnetic ResonanceIron LungCold Storage
19Disgusting BodyIron LungCold Storage
20Dr DiceAndrew Dice ClayThe Day the Laughter Died
21Anxiety!End of a YearDisappear Here
23acoustic instrumentalShudder to ThinkSuperpowers comp
24Battle of the Pelennor FieldsOttawaDiscography
25No Conversationalist IOff MinorSome Blood
26Brock Landers and the Mustang CakeYou & IThe Curtain Falls
27I Saved Latin (live)American NightmareLive at CBGB's
28Robot WhalesInto AnotherInto Another
29FianceCat PowerMyra Lee
30WeberButthole SurfersLocust Abortion Technician
31Bank is Dead EskimoHanatarashHanatarash 4
32Scooter and JinxSonic YouthGoo
33interlude from...Rosemary KrustSlow Light
34While Others Attend Chatrooms with ErectionsAs the Sun Sets7744
35One Step at a TimeHusker DuZen Arcade
36Intro in ZKurt VileConstant Hitmaker
37TouchedMy Bloody ValentineLoveless
38IntroRobot WhalesVehicle
39BoneheadNaked CityTorture Garden
40To Cause a Witch to DieVincent PriceA Coven of Witches' Tales
41ManhoodMind EraserGlacial Reign
42One TrustLack of InterestTrapped Inside
43BrainwashedLack of InterestTrapped Inside
44Ass GravityThe Locustsplit w/MITB
45Labeled as SubhumanSuppressionsplit w/ Despise You
46Nel InteresaDespise Yousplit w/ Suppression
47PressureNegative ApproachNegative Approach
48fifth track from...The FaithSubject to Change
49StarvationSiegeDROP FUCKING DEAD
50Lying to MyselfInfestNo Man's Slave
51Not My HometownClorox GirlsClorox Girls
52ExposeWeekend NachosPunish and Destroy
53Dear CopsBastardNo Hope in Here
54Dead ShellsPellinoreWorld Darkness
55Fist of PillsSurroundingsWorld Darkness
56third track from...BrickDemo
57Soul ViceTrapped Under IceDemo
58Cycle of ViolenceCoke BustCycle of Violence
59Nobody's PerfectVileSolutions
60123 and123 andSuperpowers comp
61Within-WithoutAssuckSuperpowers comp
62Doctor of DeathCrisis of FaithSuperpowers comp
63DaydreamerMerelSuperpowers comp
64Bombastic IntroBig BlackSongs About Fucking
65Skin RapeNo CommentFiesta Comes Alive
66T Minus ZeroHis Hero is GoneFiesta Comes Alive
67Eunuch (Reprise)Man is the BastardMancruel
68Puerto Rican GhostMarsComplete Studio Recordings
69We Played the WhiskeyReverend Paul BearerNo Really, Go Fuck Yourself
70Bone Marrow BiopsyRorschachAutopsy
71Cannibals Eating GlassFeed Them to the Vultures
72The Archilles List (demo)Fucked UpEpics in Minutes
73What's Your ProblemCircle JerksGroup Sex
74It's OKKoro7"
75Core TrickGauzeFuckheads
76AnthemGISMPerformance of War
77Hey Bob, What's Up?Pillsbury Hardcore"Discography"
78RecombustionEnemy Soilsplit w/ Corrupted
7993 93/93Endless BlockadePrimitive
80I've Heard (live)Dag NastyWig Out at Denko's
81It's So EasyJay ReatardSingles 06-07
82Black Leather RockElectric EelsThe Eyeball of Hell
83Radiation, MasturbationDarvocets...Have Landed
84The System Has Failed AgainNasumInhale/Exhale
85ShameTrash TalkTrash Talk
86Mary BellMacabreSinister Slaughter
87The Nail That Sticks Up Gets Hammered DownBorn AgainstThe Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure
88Launch RampAsshole ParadeStudent Ghetto Violence
90Shun the Mask108Songs of Separation
91Chip in da PhoneE-40In a Major Way
92That's What I'm Talking AboutDJ Screw
93Dischord, DatchordPink RazorsWaiting to Wash Up
94FagtownQueersA Day Late and a Dollar Short
95Flies DieHomostupidsThe Glow
96The SpyGray MatterFood for Thought
97Have I Got a God for YouStick Men with Ray GunsSome People Deserve to Suffer
98Walking with My Lady FriendClockcleanerThe Hassler
99What Happens NextIll ReputeWhat Happens Next
100Your Time's UpOutbreakEaten Alive
10120 BucksKill Your IdolsFrom Companionship to Competition
102BakersfieldLoser LifeI Have Ghosts and I Have Ghosts
103The Positions That We HoldLast Priestdemo
104You Made Me Hate YouTear It UpNothing to Nothing
105SocietyCrossed Out split w/ MITB
106HumanCeltic FrostMorbid Tales
107Common EnemyNapalm DeathScum
108Space JamGoblinsIncrease Your Penis Size
109Weird Weird WeirdGoblinsIncrease Your Penis Size
110You SuckGoblinsIncrease Your Penis Size
111Space Jam IIGoblinsIncrease Your Penis Size
112MidtownTom WaitsRain Dogs
113Now or NeverThe FreezeThis Is Boston, Not LA
115The RegulatorBad BrainsROIR sessions
116Stick to ItLife's BloodDiscography
117Living DeadSpastic RatsRodentia
118SafetyNecrosConquest for Death
119Crocket (live)SpazzSkatin', Satan, and Katon
120Cult BandPoison IdeaPick Your King
121My RulesVoidsplit w/ Faith
122FriendsYDIA Place In the Sun
123I'll Never Say Never to AlwaysCharles MansonLIE: The Love and Terror Cult
124Closing CommentsGiovanna CalvinoCelebrating Italo Calvino
125No, All!DescendentsAll