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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1Wreck Your LifeThis Is HellDemo
2Love AmericanGive Up The GhostWe're Down Til We're Underground
3The Saddest DayConvergePetitioning the Empty Sky
4Third SeasonAFIShut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes
5Supernaut1000 Homo DJsSupernaut / Apathy
6God I Hope The Data is LyingZombie ApocalypseTales Told By Dead Men
7Standing TallThrowdownBeyond Repair
8Empty CageStill LifeFrom Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes
9Spider EarthXO SkeletonsBored By Heaven
10A Song For BeggarsRuinerPrepare To Be Let Down
11All Hope AsideWith HonorHeart Means Everything
12My SharonaThe Number Twelve Looks Like YouAn Inch of Gold for An Inch of Time
13SolidarityScreamStill Screaming
14You Make Us SickOutbreakYou Make Us Sick
15Ladies and Gentlemen: My Brother, the LiarThursdayKill the House Lights
16The ConjuringCancerslugUnnameable EP
17A Sick CultSome GirlsThe DNA Will Have Its Say
18Out of My FaceTerrorOne With the Underdogs
19Procession CommenceThis Is HellSundowning
20GhostsCeremonyViolence Violence
21Psycho KillerTalking Heads'77
22The Kids Will Have Their SaySS DecontrolThe Kids Will Have Their Say
23Young Hearts Be Free TonightGive Up The GhostWe're Down Til We're Underground
24Oz FactorUnwritten LawOz Factor
25Another Night in AmericaThe Suicide FileDemo
26Midnight in AmericaModern Life is WarMidnight in America
27Kiss the SharksSinking ShipsDemo
28Whiskey DrunkRingwormJustice Replace By Revenge
29Hope Bound HeartThe Hope ConspiracyCold Blue
30Public High SchoolThe NecrosIQ32
31I Hate My SchoolThe NecrosIQ32
32Hair Raising Accounts of Restless Ghosts (AKA Hell is for Heroes Part 2)Modern Life is WarWitness
33Poverty For AllIgniteOur Darkest Days
34Sarcastic SunriseInk and DaggerInk and Dagger
35Highway RobberyThe Dillinger Escape PlanMiss Machine
36Jane DoeConvergeJane Doe
37What A Horrible Night For A CurseBear Vs. SharkTerrorhawk
38Pot CommittedBANEThe Note