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#TrackArtistAlbum / Comment
1So We Can Talk -LEPERS -7 Inch - Unclean Records
2Bitch And Moan / Xmas In Reverse -LEPERS -7 Inch - Unclean Records
3Only When I Laugh -BRENDA LEE -7 Inch - MCA Records
4Style -THE LEMONHEADS -7 Inch - Atlantic Records
5Huxley In Hollywood -LOVE CAMP 7 -7 Inch - Bowlmor Records
6Jealous Guy -JOHN LENNON & THE PLASTIC ONO BAND (W/THE FLUX FIDDLERS) -7 Inch - Capitol Records
7Keep Diggin' -LEMONS -7 Inch - Lucky Records
8Reaganomics / The Big Game -RICH LITTLE -7 Inch - Boardwalk Entertainment Records
9My Darlin' New Orleans -L'IL QUEENIE & THE PERCOLATORS -7 Inch - Great Southern Records
10Looking Glass -THE LUCK OF EDEN HALL -7 Inch - Limited Potential Records
11Candybar Express -LOVE AND MONEY -7 Inch - Mercury Records
12No New Tale To Tell -LOVE AND ROCKETS -7 Inch - Big Time Records
13King Grrl / Femme Whore Butch Pimp -PAGAN HOLIDAY -Slutedge Secret Love Terrorists & Other Girl Conspirators7 Inch EP - Venus-Bitch Records
14Motivation / Who Are You? -MAELSTROM -7 Inch - Taang! Records
15Mom and Dad / When I Die / Oh No! -MARCHING PLAGUE -7 Inch - C.I.A. Records
16Suppository Junkie / An Hour Past Midnight -MAGIC MOSE & HIS ROYAL ROCKERS FEATURING BLIND SAM -7 Inch - Arf Arf Records
17Teenage Crush -MICKEY MAMP WITH INTRO-VERSE -7 Inch - Cop Records
18The Lettuce Head Doll Song -MICHAEL MARINE -7 Inch - Self Pressing
19You Owe Me / Draw The Line -JUST SAY NO -7 Inch - Staple Gun Records
20Bass Game -FINESSE AND SYNQUIS -7 Inch - MCA Records
21The Symphony -MARLEY MARL -7 Inch - Cold Chillin' Records
22Droppin' Science -MARLEY MARL -7 Inch - Cold Chillin' Records
23Cosmic Dick -GWEN MARS -7 Inch - Dragster Records
24Dear Mr. President -RON MARSHALL AS FRED MCSHANE, AMERICAN -7 Inch Laurie Records
25Renegade Lover -MADELEINE MARKS -7 Inch - RCA Records
26New Boy -MARS NEEDS WOMEN -7 Inch - Antidote Records
27Marriage -MARTIN A.D. -7 Inch - Naked Singularity Records
28What I Believe (A Patriotic Statement) -THE STEVE MARTIN BROTHERS -7 Inch - Warner Bros. Records
29King Tut -STEVE MARTIN AND THE TOOT UNCOMMONS -7 Inch - Warner Bros. Records
30Silent Street -MAXIMUM JOY -7 Inch - Y Records
31Punks, Get Off The Grass -EDITH MASSEY -7 Inch - Egg Records
32The Rider / Something Died Today / Kill Kill Kill -MASSACRE GUYS -7 Inch - Unclean Records
33Devil's Slide / Web Of Hate / The Hunted -MASSACRE GUYS -7 Inch - Toxic Shock Records
34Living End / Glamour City -MASSACRE GUYS -7 Inch - Unclean Records
35City Of Fear / Veterans / Italy -MASSACRE GUYS -7 Inch - Toxic Shock Records
36That's Amore -DEAN MARTIN -7 Inch - Capitol Records
37Rock And Roll Asshole / World War 4 -MARCHING PLAGUE -7 Inch - C.I.A. Records
38Tricks Are For Pigs / Food And Beer -JUST SAY NO -7 Inch - Staple Gun Records
39Too Many Sad Songs -RON MARSHALL -7 Inch - Laurie Records
40T.V. Toy -MARS NEES WOMEN -7 Inch - Antidote Records
41Birth -MARTIN A.D. -7 Inch - Naked Singularity Records