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01/24/10Third Rail RadioReese01/24/10 20:31:48
01/24/10Super Nova and Dollar Store Grab BagJulia Novakowski01/24/10 17:46:43
01/24/10Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz01/24/10 14:58:39
01/23/10Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson01/23/10 21:52:17
01/23/10Electric CandleDominick01/23/10 18:00:46
01/23/10The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer01/23/10 11:43:08
01/23/10SURGEAnkeet Presswala01/23/10 02:00:38
01/22/10(n)fluxARKive01/22/10 22:06:48
01/22/10Modern Music for Modern ReptilesRyan Largent01/22/10 21:43:58
01/22/10Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin01/22/10 06:04:59
01/21/10T.A.S.K. Productions Presents...FlyBoyRadioDJ T.A.S.K.01/23/10 13:19:21
01/21/10Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker01/21/10 11:57:01
01/21/10Caffeinated HeadphonesSherry Chen01/21/10 01:58:57
01/19/10Love in the EveningJaren Love01/19/10 21:57:48
01/19/10NaanSense RadioAparna Kothary01/19/10 09:55:33
01/19/10 3-Way Tie (For Last)Adam Montjoy01/19/10 01:22:18
01/18/10Let’s Go SwimmingBobby Renz01/18/10 23:56:41
01/18/10C2TH (Coastin’ to the Horizon)Jamiel Callaway-Pinckney01/18/10 22:00:51
01/18/10Happy Funtime Hour Extravaganza With David Richman and Sean YeSean Ye01/18/10 15:56:47
01/17/10Third Rail RadioJamiel Callaway-Pinckney01/17/10 20:57:08
01/17/10Super Nova and Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers01/17/10 17:58:04
01/17/10Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz01/17/10 15:01:39
01/17/10 Space is the Place!DJ.xenosoup01/17/10 04:20:27
01/16/10 Space is the Place!DJ.xenosoup01/11/10 01:18:10
01/16/10Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson01/16/10 21:45:13
01/16/10Electric CandleDominick01/16/10 17:58:13
01/16/10This, Which Makes Me SingLeila01/16/10 15:03:43
01/16/10The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer01/16/10 12:06:04
01/16/10SURGEAnkeet Presswala01/16/10 01:53:38
01/15/10Roots & WingsJohn McLaughlin01/15/10 06:20:12
01/14/10T.A.S.K. Productions Presents...FlyBoyRadioDJ T.A.S.K.01/19/10 16:19:52
01/14/10Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker01/14/10 12:02:14
01/14/10Caffeinated HeadphonesSherry Chen01/14/10 01:57:17
01/13/10Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist01/13/10 21:52:06
01/12/10NaanSense RadioAparna Kothary01/19/10 09:35:20
01/12/10 3-Way Tie (For Last)Adam Montjoy01/12/10 01:39:19
01/11/10Let’s Go SwimmingBobby Renz01/11/10 23:42:51
01/11/10C2TH (Coastin’ to the Horizon)Jamiel Callaway-Pinckney01/11/10 21:56:16
01/11/10Happy Funtime Hour Extravaganza With David Richman and Sean YeSean Ye01/11/10 15:50:03
01/10/10Third Rail RadioDaniel Berdak01/10/10 21:02:41
01/10/10Super Nova and Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers01/10/10 18:06:50
01/10/10Variety Is the Spice of LifeChristine Moritz01/10/10 18:49:57
01/09/10Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson01/09/10 22:28:32
01/09/10Electric CandleDominick01/09/10 17:56:45
01/09/10Unscheduled ShowBecky S01/09/10 15:19:31
01/09/10This, Which Makes Me SingLeila01/16/10 13:30:07
01/09/10The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer01/09/10 11:46:12
01/09/10SURGEAnkeet Presswala01/09/10 01:44:02
01/08/10(n)fluxARKive01/08/10 22:32:18
01/08/10Modern Music for Modern ReptilesARKive01/08/10 21:34:25
01/07/10The Iron TortoiseKellen Hamill01/08/10 00:00:14
01/07/10T.A.S.K. Productions Presents...FlyBoyRadioDJ T.A.S.K.01/08/10 06:40:55
01/07/10Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker01/07/10 11:57:02
01/07/10Caffeinated HeadphonesSherry Chen01/07/10 01:58:37
01/06/10Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist01/06/10 20:43:45
01/05/10Love in the EveningJaren Love01/05/10 21:32:53
01/05/10The Blender with DJ Gemz and Tony DrakeDJ.xenosoup01/05/10 21:15:39
01/05/10NaanSense RadioAparna Kothary01/05/10 09:55:50
01/04/10C2TH (Coastin’ to the Horizon)Jamiel Callaway-Pinckney01/11/10 00:26:53
01/04/10Viking Hurricane DecapatationMichael Kniffen01/04/10 16:46:56
01/03/10Third Rail RadioReese01/03/10 20:59:37
01/03/10Super Nova and Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers01/03/10 17:59:29
01/03/10Variety Is the Spice of LifeChris Sisson01/03/10 15:11:43
01/02/10 Space is the Place!DJ.xenosoup01/03/10 01:30:23
01/02/10Dave’s Record CollectionDave Sisson01/02/10 21:13:46
01/02/10Electric CandleDominick01/02/10 18:03:02
01/02/10The New Indie CanonPatchen Mortimer01/02/10 12:06:02
01/01/10Modern Music for Modern ReptilesRyan Largent01/01/10 21:50:08
12/31/09Laurazaural FixationsLaura Schnitker12/31/09 12:36:15
12/30/09Blue Alchemy RadioBlue Alchemist12/30/09 21:55:11
12/29/09Love in the EveningJaren Love12/29/09 21:58:27
12/29/09NaanSense RadioAparna Kothary12/29/09 09:56:13
12/28/09Happy Funtime Hour Extravaganza With David Richman and Sean YeSean Ye12/28/09 15:47:38
12/27/09Headbanging EcstacyHe Wang12/28/09 11:21:15
12/27/09Super Nova and Dollar Store Grab BagDiaz Brothers12/27/09 17:56:47
12/26/09Electric CandleDominick12/26/09 20:52:50
12/26/09SURGEAnkeet Presswala12/26/09 00:13:08
12/23/09DNA in the DNAMITM12/24/09 00:01:09
12/22/09NaanSense RadioAparna Kothary12/22/09 09:58:43
12/21/09C2TH (Coastin’ to the Horizon)Jamiel Callaway-Pinckney12/21/09 21:59:43
12/21/09Happy Funtime Hour Extravaganza With David Richman and Sean YeSean Ye12/21/09 15:51:26
12/21/09Unscheduled ShowDJ.xenosoup12/21/09 04:24:23