A Look Inside stef’s Virtual Reality

by Marlia Nash

Last week, I got the chance to speak with a talented indie pop singer and songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her name is Stefani Colvin, but call her stef. Despite her short name, she’s got a big presence and creative personality. Her aura is a mix of red, orange, and yellow, denoting her passion, beautiful creativity, and optimism. A unique identity that you might want to log if you’re interested in self-growth.

Starting in Alabama, stef sang in church with her dad, a talented guitarist, and participated in musical theatre up until her graduation in 2018. While living in the South, she was surrounded by country music influences and developed country songwriting stylistic techniques, but eventually learned that the genre was not who she was. Post high school, she launched herself into the Nashville music scene, experimenting with writing pop songs. With talented mentors in both songwriting and music production, stef was able to produce content that was authentically herself.

Tennessee had a lot to offer to stef, and she made the most of it all. We discussed ideas related to her influences, one of her earliest songwriting influences being Billie Eilish immediately after Eilish’s early EP, Don’t Smile At Me. As of now, she’s been connecting with other artists such as Ryan Woods and ella jane, supporting and sharing their content. She talked about how her music taste is incredibly dynamic and expansive, some of her inspirations at the moment including BENEE, spill tab, Dua Lipa, and Frank Ocean. Her music is meant to make you feel, exploring a breadth of very real emotions. Break-ups, self-growth, love, and empowerment are just a few of the themes she explores. Her content is a musical lens into reality that a lot of people are missing. She wants you to look into yourself and build yourself to your greatest potential because she’s rooting for you.

Outside of music, we discussed fashion, astrology, and other general ideas that she finds herself wrapped up in. As for fashion, Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Devon Lee Carlson were common names discussed. We agreed that their girl boss energy must be linked to their zodiac signs which, yes, is very important. Bella and Stef are Libras, which, by the way, is the best sign based on my own unbiased perspective. Dua Lipa and Devon are both Leos for those curious. As for more general inspiration, stef talked about her fascination with psychology, surrealism, architecture, and space. She told me how she favors things that are not supposed to be seen next to each other, being seen next to each other, which is ultimately exciting and admittedly very cool.

The future of stef is full of exciting projects that you don’t want to miss. April 30th will be the premiere of A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality which you’ll be able to find on all streaming services. Find out more about this absolute gem on stef’s instagram, @stefanicolvin. She also has her own label and a Depop shop that you should check out! While you wait for this EP, check out my personal favorites “here’s what we’re not gonna do” and “i used to build dreams about you."