Lunar Vacation Warms up the Indie Scene with Pool Rock

By Emily Williams
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image via concerty

If you’re searching for something to keep you warm as winter approaches, look no further than the band Lunar Vacation. Their dreamy and breezy music brings you back to carefree summer days, a stark contrast to the current chaos of exams and looming project deadlines. It makes sense that the five-member band from Atlanta, Georgia has proclaimed their music to be “pool rock.”

With Grace Repasky on guitar/vocals, Maggie Geeslin on guitar, John Michael Young on bass, Matteo de Lurgio on keys, and Connor Dowd on drums, each member compliments each other perfectly to create an indie-pop harmony on each track. Their most recent EP, “Artificial Flavors,” features four songs and they also recently came out with “Lunar Vacation (Live on Standard Selects)” which features two songs recorded live.

For such a new and upcoming band, “Artificial Flavors” really showcases their strong potential as a group. Compared to their previous EP entitled “Swell,” it seems like they are coming to know who they are as musicians and really honing their sound (not that “Swell” wasn’t amazing as well, because it was fantastic). “Artificial Flavors” opens with the track “Daytime,” a vibrant and energetic way to start off the EP. The synth work is really interesting by De Lurgio on this track and makes the song stand out as Repasky sings about multiple missed opportunities with a potential love interest.

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“Slowdown” and “The Basement” (one of my personal favorite songs by them), maintain this energy. The EP ends with “Too Late, Colin.” To me, it seems difficult to pull off a slower, more mellow song at the end of series of tracks because you want the song to still have a punch so that the album doesn’t fizzle out. Lunar Vacation, however, has no such difficulty, and end with a stand-out song that still manages to carry their unique sound.

Their music has the charm of a coming-of-age movie. It’s whimsical, youthful and entrancing. I’m excited to see what is next for this band and praying for an album to be released soon. As always, add Lunar Vacation to your next queue!

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