November Picks For All Your Indie, Autumnal Feels

Emily Williams
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This week I am doing something a bit different. I have compiled a list of my top five favorite songs at the moment for you to add to your queue. Hope you enjoy!

1. OUTTA MY MIND by Monsune

This song is just so alluring from the beginning. Once the beat kicks in at the start and then the lead guitar starts playing the intro riff, I was immediately hooked. The song is about being infatuated with someone, and Monsune (a.k.a. Scott Zhang) captures this theme perfectly with his soft and soulful vocals.

2. Had Ten Dollaz by Cherry Glazerr

This is an older one by the Los Angeles based grunge band, but it still is, as the kids might say, a “certified banger.” Lead singer Clementine Creevy has said the song was about her smoking habit and losing the only ten dollars she had on her to buy a pack og cigarettes. But regardless of whether you smoke or not, the song offers a commentary on being young, broke, and unsure of what the future holds for you (sounds familiar). If you’re in the market for some angry girl rock, I could not recommend this song more.

3. Dance Around the Fire by Why These Coyotes

Yet another song that kicks in and immediately you want to sway and dance. It’s psychedelic and groovy, with a strong electric guitar riff that is carried throughout. The song is a bit more laidback, so it is perfect for studying or relaxing.

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4. Kickback by Omar Apollo
Omar Apollo never seems to disappoint, and this song off his most recent album, “Friends” isn’t any different. The 90’s beat, Apollo’s smooth singing, and a jazzy guitar solo at the end makes this song the perfect addition to any playlist.

5. Tummy by Tamino

To finish off the list, this is a slower acoustic song by Tamino. It is a simpler song than other songs off his album “Amir,” but not in a bad way. Its simplicity makes the lyrics about a lost love and Tamino’s gentle, yet haunting vocals really stand out. I also recommend listening to this song for studying or hanging out.