Inhaler Makes it Hard to Breathe

By Emily Williams
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Listening to Inhaler is “as easy as an ice cream sundae,” to quote their recently released single. I had been on my YouTube home page when I saw their music video recommended to me. Whatever compelled me to watch it, I’m so glad I did. Inhaler is a four-person rock band from Dublin, Ireland with Elijah Hewson as the frontman on vocals and rhythm (by the way his dad is Bono of U2), Josh Jenkinson on lead guitar, Rob Keating on bass, and Ryan McMahon on drums. They released their first studio single, “It Won’t Always be Like This” this past spring. Now they’re back with a new song, “Ice Cream Sundae.”

As far as their sound goes, on this most recent single, “Ice Cream Sundae,” the sound reminds me of The Killers with some older influences like Echo & The Bunnymen and maybe a little bit of The Cure. But don’t get me wrong, the Irish group has their own unique flair that they’re bring to the alternative scene. They’ve got these incredible upbeat, synth sounds going on in the background, coupled with Hewson’s smooth vocals, and a strong bass line by Keating. Its dimensional, catchy and has the aura of an 80’s coming of age movie. Even Noel Gallagher says they’ll be a hit, and typically we’ve seen Gallagher as being quite critical of up-and-coming artists.

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Another stand-out song for me is “Oklahoma.” It shows the group’s diversity, and their ability to construct powerful songs whether it’s a slower, acoustic song like this one or an upbeat song like “My Honest Face” or previously mentioned “Ice Cream Sundae.”Hewson’s vocals really shine on this song and overall “Oklahoma” just solidifies their entry into the music world as strong artists.

With only seven songs officially released, I’m excited to see more from them in the future. I’m crossing my fingers for a debut album soon with a headlining tour in North America. With that being said, despite few released songs, they’ve been selling out venues on their current headline tour in Europe. They’re making a debut in North America this fall, opening for Blossoms on their tour and they’ll be in Washington D.C. at the Rock & Roll Hotel Nov. 5.

Keep an eye out for this band and as always, consider adding “Ice Cream Sundae” and more songs by Inhaler to your next queue.

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