Truth Is ...

We Cope to Music
By Alquan Brooks

image via upcoming 100

Dubbed “Sensual Goddess” by her fans, Sabrina Claudio blessed the world with her latest album “Truth Is,” and the truth is she didn’t come to play. Her sultry sound and powerhouse vocals make a comeback on her 11-track album that continues to bring ecstasy to her fan’s hearts.

The album’s title track and lead single is her most revealing epiphany with statements like “Truth is that I love you, even when I’m trying not to.” This heartbreaking yet beautiful song illuminates her pain of rejecting and pushing away her significant other but also yearning for their presence.

“Need you, but I need you”
“Forget you, but I can’t forget you”

Throughout the album, Claudio delivers her iconic sensuous sound, so anyone who’s looking for a smooth, calm and sexy selection of music should check this album out. She also provides us with a self-love track similar to Confidently Lost called Me in Her. This song boldly asserts that the new individual her ex-lover is dating possesses all the qualities Claudio possesses, so she obviously left a lasting imprint her former lover.

Everything about this album: breathtaking lyrics, sultry sound, amazing vocals and a collaboration with ZAYN makes this album one of my favorites by Sabrina Claudio. When I have feelings I can’t convey, I turn to music in seek of answers. Claudio has become an outlet for me to express myself on an emotional, sensual level through her engaging lyrics. I truly believe if you need relationship guidance or music that continues to make you feel sexy then check this album.

Truth is, this is her best album since Confidently Lost. Claudio continues to produce content that I vibe to and can emotionally express myself with. You won’t regret listening to this album, but you could potentially cry a few times!