A Warm Day with Your New Friend MyKey

Subject to Change
By Madeline Redding

image via facebook

Folk is a rough genre for me, I don’t always feel a connection to the music. Despite this, I need to thank the Lord above for the person who recommended MyKey to me.

Mikey Ambrosino is a Maryland local who performs under the name MyKey. His songs cloud around the genres of folk and indie, which he brings his own personal spin to. His debut album Faces has garnered buzz on social media and is such a calming experience listening to. Here is how I feel after deep-diving into all of his music.

Firstly, I have to talk about “Was It Something I Said.” I have never fallen in love with a song faster than with this track. Emotionally, this song feels like an afternoon nap, somewhere in between wake and sleep. The flow of the song makes me want to string up a hammock and just snooze for hours.

Image via Bandcamp

Returning to his album Faces, the 16- track album starts off with a song called “Monsters in the Dark”, an almost cavernous song in the best way possible. The whole album has a similar sound to the single “Was It Something I Said”, but Faces employs more of MyKey’s folk-rock spin which makes it so much more fun to immerse yourself into. As I first listened to it, I got lost in the familiar sounds that made me warm to the people around me.

Faces is an album you want to get lost in while laying in the sun with your friends on a lazy afternoon. While you’re at it, listen to the rest of his singles too. There’s never a better excuse to waste time with good friends than good music.