ITS HALLOWEEN! its gonna be scary how live this is gonna be. We are having a rodeo halloween so feel free to wear your costume to do something different so we can have it crazy! Plus we have a special video presentation

Having a showcase this thursday email to perform! hiphopyogalive@gmail.com Its gonna be lit! All fun! No Drugs or Alchy at the station! WE ARE HAVING A SPIRITUAL TURN UP! THIS IS #HHYL

We are looking for talented people to join the HipHop Yoga Live team! Email us for info! HIPHOPYOGALIVE@GMAIL.COM

WMUC's own Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs was Highlighted by the Washington Post! Read about it here!

ALSO Paperboy Prince's SUBTRAP Is Out right now so make sure to check that out.

Thanks so much for supporting us! We are having a showcase to spread love! ITS OURRRR TIMEEEEE