Upcoming interviews on DNA in the DNA (Fridays 6-8 PM)

Charlotte Hatherley will be on the show tonight calling in from London, talking up music, solo stuff and more. She was in our top ten records of 2007 we are STOKED!

Next Week Pink Reason will be calling in, requesting music and more. Again STOKED. If you haven't heard Cleaning the Mirror, do it now!!!

Ian Nagoski who not only composes rad stuff will be on to talk about the newly released compilation BLACK MIRROR. We talk Boredoms, Nirvana, La Monte Young, and Amy Winehouse??!! This will be on in 2 weeks!

Coming up soon on the show Interviews:

Marnie Stern (Kill Rock Stars) - Rad math-y rock, US maple, Jehu, Hella!
Superdrag (YES SUPERDRAG!!!)