thanks to adam winer for the announcement. like the man said, 7:30 p.m. tonight at the station, above south campus dining hall. bring a playlist and a positive attitude, and you too could change your life on the airwaves.

here are some ideas for what the station is looking for:

- no experience is necessary. you're here to learn, and we're here to teach you.
- we're looking for: DJs (both on the air and for live events), promo people to spread the word, radio engineers to keep our station running, studio engineers for live music and recording, computer nerds who can help us with our website, music fans who want to dig through our vinyl mine...basically friendly faces and creative brains to keep us at the utmost level of awesome.
- at our best, we want to play music that you probably won't hear on corporate radio. that's why most people listen to college radio.
- if you want to do a talk show, think of an interesting idea! we're always looking for diversity in our formats, so think of a cool theme and tell us about it. as long as chuck norris jokes aren't involved.

and if you're good-looking, it won't hurt, either....

see you tonight!