Not so sweet: Hunny left the crowd wanting more

by Sydney Nauman
My first experience at Rams Head Live was an unforgettable one. As I entered the dimly lit venue, I could feel the infectious energy radiating off of fans as they anxiously waited for the show to start.

The first of three openers almost immediately generated audience interaction with attendees forming mosh pits and crowd surfing. My expectations for the rest of the night remained high after seeing this instantly untamed audience reaction, however as the night’s performances continued, the audience’s energy plummeted.

Dayglow charms audiences with their performance at 9:30 Club

By Sydney Nauman
“D.C. I freaking love you,” shouted Sloan Struble, frontman of the indie-pop group Dayglow, while gazing in pure amazement at the roaring crowd surrounding him. Struble gave one of the most fun and heartfelt performances I have ever experienced. He left audience members filled with so much euphoria and energy that it was hard to say goodbye.

Dayglow performed for a packed 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. on Nov. 14 and 15 after selling out both shows. A second performance at the venue had to be added to the tour just to accommodate the influx of fans trying to get tickets - and it’s clear why. The band’s infectious, high-spirited energy created a carefree environment which made it impossible not to dance along to their set.

Dynamic Duo: Harbour and Wingtip are coming to DC9 Nightclub

By Sydney Nauman

The indie pop/rock group Harbour will be “swimming in your head” when they arrive at DC9 Nightclub on Dec. 4, following the release of their new single.

Harbour is currently touring in the U.S. with indie pop artist Wingtip and opener Lisa Heller, their third stop being Washington D.C. With an already sold out show and the simple yet effective statement, “Let’s have some fun,” on the band’s tour page, Harbour sets expectations high for an unforgettable night.

Bartees Strange Preview

Looking for a smashing Saturday evening? Well get ready, on November 19th the English-born- American alternative musician, Bartees Strange will seize the stage of the 9:30 Club at 7:00 pm. Unlike the usual alternative artist, Strange was trained in opera as a child, perhaps due to the career of his mother. Growing up in Oklahoma Strange felt constricted by his identity, however, his mother had another plan. Strange and his siblings stepped up to the stage and began touring with the Oklahoma City Circuit Opera Company, performing at church services, festivals, and school events.

Pretty Sick is Performing at DC9 Nightclub

By Johanna Colmer

The alternative rock band Pretty Sick is coming to DC9 Nightclub, a popular live music venue located in Washington D.C.

The band is currently touring the U.S. for the first time on “The Makes Me Sick Tour," appropriately named after their recently released debut album,. The band will make their stop at DC9 on November 18th, with the group Mitsubishi Suicide as the opening musical performance.

Quarters of Change, Last Dinosaurs and Bad Suns - 10/23 at Baltimore Soundstage

Shot by Daryl Perry

Quarters of Change, Last Dinosaurs and Bad Suns performed at Baltimore Soundstage on Oct. 23, 2022. Bad Suns is currently on tour for their fourth studio album, Apocalypse Whenever. The Baltimore show was vibrant—each band putting on an impressive set that got the audience cheering.

Preview: Better Than Ezra

by Katarina Hein

Baton Rouge formed band Better Than Ezra will be lighting up the Lincoln Theater on October 28th at 8:00 pm.

The 1990 revolution of alternative rock came with major slipping and cessation of the limelight. Breaking out of the epidemic of one-hit wonders and mediocre albums, Better Than Ezra worked to prove they were more than an overnight sensation. Their claim to fame was “Deluxe,” their first nationally-distributed album which carried their #1 Billboard hit “Good.” The album, originally created using ragged recording techniques in a home studio, stayed true to the band's heavy guitar-driven melodies and introduced their standard style of emotional conveyance. Through increased word of mouth and touring exposure, Better Than Ezra gained power through the people.

Jonathan Richman is coming to the Lincoln Theater

by Molly Szymanski

On October 14, hop off the metro at the U Street station and Tandem Jump to the Lincoln Theater! Jonathan Richman will be hitting D.C. on his upcoming U.S. tour.

The former Modern Lover and Velvet Underground scholar has been active in the music scene since the ‘70s and spans multiple genres and sounds— from his early proto-punk with the Modern Lovers to the whimsical theatrics of his ‘80s solo work, to an entirely Spanish-language album, “¡Jonathan, Te Vas a Emocionar!” With such a vast discography, there’s no telling what he’ll be playing at his latest shows. We’ve got a couple of educated guesses, though.

Preview: of Montreal in DC

by Shaun Walters

of Montreal is a psychedelic-pop band formed in 1996 by frontperson Kevin Barnes. Despite the name, of Montreal originated from Athens, Georgia and got its name from a failed romance with a woman “of Montreal.” The band has a mix of styles throughout their history but has consistently drawn inspiration from 60s psych-pop. This can be seen in their hits such as “Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games” and “Gronlandic Edit.” More recently, the band has been exploring more funk and reggae sounds. of Montreal has created a name for themselves with their creative and compelling live performances, always striving to deliver a new experience for fans.

Father John Misty @ The Anthem, September 20th

by Micaela Hanson

Maryland-born artist Father John Misty will bring his shimmering, glamorous new album to life at The Anthem next week.

Josh Tillman, known as Father John Misty, will perform at The Anthem on Tuesday, September 20.

Tillman’s latest release and fifth studio album overall, “Chloë and the Next 20th Century,” was critically well-received, with positive reviews by NME and DIY Magazine.